The Advika Promise

Sustainable and Ethical | Canadian Made | Timeless and Versatile

Here at Advika clothing, we create ethically made, timeless pieces with high-quality materials. Our designs feature clean lines and classic silhouettes, perfect for dressing up or down.

 Build a lasting capsule wardrobe with our versatile pieces. Join us to invest in quality and support local Canadian products.

The story behind our loungewear collection

I started Advika Clothing in 2009.

My dedication to healthy eating and an organic lifestyle led me to a realization:

I was mindful of what I put into my body but not of what I wore on the outside of my body. Wanting to extend my wellness principles, I started to seek clothing made from organic fabrics. But the options available didn't align with my style nor comfort preferences.

So I took matters into my own hands. I taught myself how to sew and started creating my own comfortable clothing using sustainable Canadian made fabrics. This journey allowed me to unify my values with my attire, promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

From starting with creating basic patterns, crafting and selling my garments solo, I now work with a local team. Headquartered in the city of Montreal, Advika Clothing has now grown into a Canadian apparel business, all fueled by passion and hard work.

Your support is the key to our success, and we're excited for what's to come as we continue to evolve.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

- Jamie Brock,
Founder of Advika Clothing

Timeless fashion for your versatile capsule wardrobe

In my sustainable brand, my goal is to make timeless basics that don’t follow trends and won’t go out of style. Our durable and chic pieces are all about quality over quantity. We counter fashion trends and the need for more. 

Sustainable loungewear, ethically made in Canada

I aim for ethical, sustainable production, envisioning all fabrics to be Canadian-knit. Inaddition to being made and designed in Canada, our sustainable fabrics including Tencel (lyocell), bamboo, modal and organic cotton are sourced from Canadian companies as well. While these fabrics are currently knit abroad, our goal is to move into knitting fabrics here in Canada to reduce our environmental footprint, and keep things even more local. Our long term vision is for Advika loungewear to be entirely Canadian made.

Inclusive sizing for all women

Starting from styles available in sizes XS-L, we've responded to customer feedback by introducing sizes XS-XXL. We're moving forward to encompass size XXXL, aiming to be inclusive and serve a wider community of women.

Core Values

Durability + Responsible Sourcing

Operating entirely in Canada, we source fabrics locally to reinforce our commitment to local roots. Advika's core values are durability and responsible sourcing, which is why we ensure not only stylish, but long lasting pieces and prioritize materials that align with our ethical standards. 

Shop our collection of sustainable Canada made women's loungewear

A wardrobe essential for every day

 "This dress is an essential for me. I wear it just as is, layered over pants, with a long sleeve t-shirt and with a longer loose flowing top. It's rare I don't get comments from people about whatever way I assemble it."

Most comfortable dress for the office

"I bought my dress in black and it quickly became my favorite and most comfortable dress for the office. So flattering too!"

Impressive service

 "Beautiful material, very comfortable and I received it quickly. I was impressed with the service."

Shop our collection of sustainable Canada made women's loungewear

Browse our collection for simple sophisticated looks you'll love. We've thoughtfully chosen soft and sustainable fabrics such as Tencel (lyocell), modal, bamboo & organic cotton for you to move or relax in.

Our comfortable loungewear for women is perfect for leisure or for work, sleep or going out. Choose from classic high waist leggings, joggers, sweatpants, duster cardigans, sweatshirts, tees, dresses, sports bras and undies! 



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